Gotech website is maintained by Elektroniikka- ja kodinkonekaupan yhdistys ETKO ry (The Finnish Electronics and Home Appliances Trade Association)

ETKO ry. was founded on the 14th of December, 1925. At first, the association was called Suomen Radiotehtailijoiden ja Radiokauppiaiden Liitto ry, then Elektroniikan Tukkukauppiaat and now the name is Elektroniikka- ja kodinkonekaupan yhdistys ETKO ry.

ETKO is a national economic policy lobbying organisation, representing the manufacturers, importers and wholesalers of electronics and household appliances. The aim of the association is to improve the members’ prerequisite for operation, competitiveness and profitability, as well as to monitor and improve the shared general benefits for the members and the electronics industry.

ETKO ry:

  • aims to influence the laws and regulations which govern the industry during the drafting, planning and revising stages
  • starts motions and gives statements
  • maintains connections with government officials, the media, manufacturing, wholesalers and retailers and their organisations
  • offers information, advice and training services to its members
  • manages the industry communicating
  • produces statistics
  • participates in statistics, research, publications and training projects
  • follows research, marketing, maintenance, testing and other such activities
  • participates in international cooperation projects concerning the industry

The ETKO office is located in Eteläranta 10 in Helsinki. The CEO of the association is Taina Luukkainen.

Elektroniikan Tukkukauppiaat ry management board:

Markus Nummisalo, Sales Manager, Samsung Electronics Nordic Ltd, Chairman of the Board

Arto Ilander, Sales Manager, BSH Ltd.

Juha Kallansalo, Key Account Manager, Electrolux Ltd

Lauri Paavola, Key Account Manager, Philips Finland

Merja Ripatti, Regional Business Manager, Grundig Nordic

Esa Silver, Managing Director, Miele Ltd

Taneli Tast, Country Manager, Groupe SEB

Niko Sandström, Gigantti

Vesa Björklund, Euronics

Päivi Hole, SOK Käyttötavara

Jesse Kieksi, DNA

Juha-Mikko Saviluoto, Power

Panu Vainio, Veikon Kone

The organisations ETKO represents include the following:

  • Federation of Finnish Special Commodity Trade ETU, board
  • Finnish Commerce Federation, Education Committee, Specialty Good Comittee
  • Ministry of Transport and Communication, T2 working group
  • Radio and Television Cooperation Organization, board and different working groups